Possible Causes Of Land Disputes That You Should Know About

Most of the boundary disputes are not between the landowners, but will be between the residential landowners. When the case is taken to the court, there are higher chances of both the parties losing almost thousands of pounds in the argument over a narrow strip of land.

There are many factors that determine the actual cause of land dispute today. Even though you involve the expertise of a person experienced in boundary surveys, there are still higher chances of disputes taking place. Some of the factors causing land disputes are listed below. If you want to get more information follow our website.


  • Ignorance Culture

When there is a property for sale in the market, the conveyancing lawyer will just give importance to selling the land to a potential buyer. The biggest mistake that is done in the process is not surveying the land. This factor results in not checking the actual dimensions of the land that is sold with a house on it that might result in property dispute in the later years.

  • Non-involvement of a Regulatory Authority

For easy mapping of any land, Land Registry is necessary. Land Registry is actually a kind of library that is known to have all subjects related to property. The information that are available from such Land Registry library will not always be the quality one.

When it comes to conveyancing, the involvement of Land Registry is necessary, as it holds the library that is required for easy mapping of any land. However, most of the land conveyancing will not involve the help of regulatory authority, which maintains the Land Registry, and in-turn results in improper surveying of the lands.

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