Make Some Space For Use By Converting The Lofts

Many times people face problem due to less space in their house. In London, when people start to feel that there is less space in their house, they use the extra space between there roof and ceiling. Loft conversions in London are very popular as making and buying new property in London is not so easy. So, people use the extra space of their house to make a room for their child that can be used as bedroom and study room. You can use different attic conversion styles to change your home. Conversion style is different for different types of roof shapes as flat, hipped and other roofs.

Styles of attic conversion

Velux – In this style of conversion, your attic is converted without any change in its original shape. This conversion style is best for high roof as there is no problem of head height. This option also helps to keep the conversion cost low so it is best for the people who have a small budget.

Dormers – This style is different than velux as this conversion is about reshaping the roof to giveit more internal space and height. Normally, this conversion is done at the side or rear of the roof, but in some cases it has to be done in the front. French windows are used to provide a vast amount of light and ventilation.  Dormers with flat roof give you maximum internal space after attic conversion. Bonnet dormers give you less space but they are attractive than any other attic conversion.

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