Why Mediation and Arbitration Are Preferred Choices for Civil Litigations

Usually it is seen that people are tired of their pending cases in courts. Courts take a lot of time, even years to resolve a case and give judgment. Apart from it, money may flow like water and you have to go through a rough process with all the hassles.

Overall, the courts are not appealing. In order to resolve a legal controversy there are other ways, which are more quick and satisfactory. Mediation and Arbitration are two ways of fixing civil litigations.

When they are helpful?

They are helpful to fix civil litigations. They are preferred in cases of personal injury, business disputes, wrongful death claims and construction disputes.


Mediation is the process where a neutral third party is hired or involved for resolving the matter. Both the conflicting parties discuss in front of the mediator and put forward their arguments. Then the mediator settles the matter with a mutual agreement. Here both the parties win in their own way. Mediation is a straightforward way, which saves a lot of time and money. It is beneficial for both the parties. Click on this link to get full info.



This process is similar to mediation with a few differences. In this, the third neutral committee makes the decision, which is legally binding. It means that both the parties have to concede to the ruling. This is straightforward process where there is no back and forth compromising. It is not a mutual agreement, but a judgment based on logical and analytical parameters.

Arbitration is very quick and saves a lot of money. It is generally preferred for resolving legal matters like civil matters, employment law claims and personal injury.

Many firms and groups provide mediation and arbitration services. You can contact them easily whenever you are involved in such circumstances.


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