If You Are Hiring Any Carpet Cleaner Then Ask These Questions

You need to clean your carpet periodically, as with time there can be lot of dust gets settled on the surface of your carpet. Besides that many germs and insects may develop that may create different diseases particularly for your children as well as pets. Visit this page to know more about us.

In order to do proper carpet cleaning in Oxnard, you need to search for such carpet cleaners in Oxnard, who can do the proper job by charging you reasonable amount of money. So you must ask following questions to know the capability of the carpet cleaner.

  • Can you send your estimate charges free?

There are number of carpet cleaners in Oxnard, who are ready to provide you free estimate of charges to clean your carpet after inspecting it. You can give them a phone call so that they may send their representative to visit your place to inspect the condition of your carpet.

  • What kind of methods do you use for cleaning the carpet?

By asking this question you will know whether the carpet cleaner will employ hot water extension or steam cleaner, which is recommended by most of the carpet manufacturers.

  • Whether you are insured?

This is a very important question to ask your carpet cleaner, as many inexperienced carpet cleaner may totally ruin the carpet after cleaning.

  • How much time will be needed to complete the cleaning and drying?

Usually most of the carpet cleaning and drying will complete within 24 hours. You can also further reduce the time by using fans or blowing hot airs.

  • Do you provide any guarantee?

During guarantee period you can call them again if you notice any spot mark in your carpet.


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