Learn About Different Types of Split Heat Pumps Available

If you are interested to install heat pump in your house then there are number of varieties available in the market. You must consider buying split heat pump which has both internal and external pump. External pump can be fitted at any location outside.

Following are a few different varieties of heat pump split systems that you can get in the market.

  • Air source single split pump

If you want to air condition any single room then this is the best cost-effective option. There will be single indoor unit and minimum wiring between indoor and outdoor unit.

  • Air source dual split

In this option, you can have two indoor units and out of them one you can place in the drawing room and the other in the bedroom. With single outdoor unit you can air condition two different rooms.

  • Air source multi-split pumps

Here too there are two indoor units and each unit uses separate refrigerant ducts and each unit can be independently controlled. This system can be costlier than the above option. You have to fit separate ducts for each of the room.

  • Air source multi-split VRF

It has variable refrigerant flow called VRF, where common refrigeration coils are used for spreading heat in different location. Here you can set different temperature at different locations of the room.

  • Different split pumps

This can be the best alternative by using single split which is the cheapest option at every room you can control them independently for each room.


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