Famous Places To Visit In Azerbaijan

Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan and it is the tourist destination that attracts tourists from the different parts of the world. Baku Boulevard was constructed in 20th century, is famous for small kiosks that there, sea facing cafeterias, and the breezy sidewalk. It is the city that also has a great history and it is also a hub of tradition and culture.

As a heritage site, Baku ranks on the top by UNESCO. The old age architect and the cinematic streets provide a breathtaking experience.  If you want to know the in-depth stories from the history of this place, then hiring a professional guide will certainly be the best idea for you.

It is also necessary to figure out the different tours to Azerbaijan and choose the one that matches your needs and budget in the best possible way.  All you need to look forward to is an experienced tour operator that can offer you different packages for visiting this historical country.

Places to visit

  • Flame Towers: These towers are also known as the landmark of Baku. They are located on the hilltop from where you can also see the old city of Baku and the Baku bay as well.
  • The Fountain Square: This is one of the must to visit destination and it is popular for entertainment culture.
  • Azerbaijan Museum: This is the museum that has the carpet collection from different parts of the world, it is also listed with UNESCO. Contact us if you want to know more.

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