5 Things That You Can Do Once You Are in Kingston-Upon-Thames

Many people who visit London often miss the trip to Kingston-upon-Thames which was home to Henry VIII and was granted royal charter during 1208. Therefore, if you ever happen to be in this historic town then you must not miss to do the following few things. If you want to get more information follow our website.

Wander the waterways    

You can reach the river Thames by hiring Kingston cabs and spend your time in the houseboats, walking on the footpath around the banks of the river, watching the training on watercrafts and travelling by boat on the river of Thames.

Step back in time

There is so much history to know about this place that you can explore while you are here. You can witness the evidence of some of the historical events that took place here.

  • Crowning of 7 Saxon kings
  • Royal charter that was granted to Kingston
  • Ancient marketplace

Shop till drop

Once you are in Kingston then you can find a fantastic shopping scene here. There are Bentall mall where you can find almost anything and those who are fond of shopping can shop till, they exhausted all their available money with them.


Recognize the foodie inside you

You will really miss something unless you explore various foods that are available at Kingston right from morning tea to your dinner. You can explore Italian, Turkish, Bavarian, Nepalese and almost every kind of food restaurant here.

Drink and be merry

Besides foods you can find plenty of bars where you can drink and merry along with the group travelling with you.


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