Enhance The Beauty Of Your Eyes With An Eyeliner Tattoo

Due to a busy schedule, not many girls get time to do their makeup which is essential to look beautiful and walk with confidence. Thus, many of them are opting for permanent make-up in Kilmarnock. It not only saves your time but also makes you look beautiful. The eyeliner tattoo in Kilmarnock is one of the most picked trends in permanent make-up. The artist makes a tattoo on the first layer of the eyes. The eyeliner tattoo is not for permanent makeup but it is known as permanent make-up because its color may fade but the pigment remains on the skin.

Here are some essential things that you need to know about the eyeliner tattoo.

The longevity of eyeliner – the tattoo stays for at least one year but with little touch-ups, you can make it long-lasting. As its color fades within a year, you can use a color pencil to maintain it.

Process time – the time depends on how thick eyeliner you want. The artist first draws a design that you want and after you are satisfied with the pre-drawing, the artist starts the original tattoo. If you want a cat-eye or winged liner, it may take too much time. If you chose the traditional eyeliner, it will be done within one hour.

Healing process – The healing process does not take much time and you can carry on with your daily activities. But you should avoid wearing eye make-up as it can result in infection due to bacteria. You should not go into the pool as well. 

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