Difference Between EICR Testing And PAT Testing

The issue related to electrical installations can be risky at times and they can cause damage in various ways. This is the reason why most of the residential and commercial property owners in Bristol opt for the option of electrical testing.  There are professionals that provide electrical inspection condition report, commonly known as EICR after inspecting all electrical installations that are there in a property.

EICR is an easy way that provides homeowners the surety that all their electrical installations are safe and there is no risk involved in using them. By taking the services of an expert that provides EICR testing in Bristol, you can get a proper certification which will also help you at the time of selling your property or giving it on rent.

Difference between EICR and PAT Testing

  • PAT testing is done on kind of electrical equipment including the portable ones. It is a tool that proves a great help in ensuring the safety of electrical equipment.
  • EICR is particularly for providing electrical maintenance and safety to the homeowners. There are professionals that do the job of inspection for ensuring the safety aspect.
  • Both the methods; PAT testing and EICR are necessary for the purpose of making a property safe from any kind of electrical risk that can otherwise cause a huge damage.
  • Both the methods are reliable and by using them you don’t have to worry about the safety of electrical appliances and installations that you use in your office or workplace. Contact us if you want to know more.

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